Financially Troubled Facilities

We like the challenge of working with troubled health care facilities.

Many finance professionals avoid such situations because, compared with ordinary public financings, they may require a larger amount of effort without a comparable increase in compensation. However, we find that these efforts can be very rewarding, as they require professional creativity and can result in important benefits to the institution and the community it serves.

In the course of our efforts on behalf of financially stressed health care facilities, we have worked with numerous service providers and have developed an outstanding team of professionals capable of providing solutions to help a facility emerge from its financial difficulties. This team can include workout or bankruptcy attorneys, structuring consultants, and, if necessary, interim administrators and certified public accountants who specialize in turnaround or workout situations.

After a troubled enterprise has been stabilized and put on a sound financial basis, it can put the past behind it and re-focus on its primary mission. We've learned that managers who have been through such an experience are sympathetic to others facing similar challenges, and, if you’d like to know more, we can introduce you to one or more of our past clients so you can learn for yourself how we can help an institution work through existing problems and return to financial health.

If you represent an institution undergoing financial stress and wish to review your situation with one of our staff, we will be happy to arrange for a completely confidential discussion to explore the matter. Just call us or email us at