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Mark H. Pressman

Phone: 415-421-8900 ext. 680
Mark Pressman is a principal and a senior Municipal Advisor with over 40 years of experience in the public finance industry. He has been with Wulff, Hansen since 2000, prior to which he owned and managed his own firm for many years. Mr. Pressman’s… Read More
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Ben (Bud) Levine

Phone: 415-421-8900 ext. 682
Ben ‘Bud’ Levine is a senior advisor at Wulff, Hansen, is a registered Municipal Advisor, and has many years of experience in public finance in various roles including as Municipal Advisor, investment banker and underwriter. His transacti… Read More
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Roy E. Nelson

Phone: 415-421-8900 ext. 684
Roy Nelson has more than 35 years of experience in municipal financings. He has extensive experience in the structuring and sale of certificates of participation, revenue bonds, and various types of short-term notes both as Underwriter and as Municip… Read More
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Christopher D. Charles

Phone: 415-421-8900 ext. 650
Chris Charles is President and Chief Executive Officer of Wulff, Hansen & Co., a San Rafael-based public finance and investment advisory firm established in 1931. He also serves as the firm’s CCO. Mr. Charles joined the firm in 1979. From 1997-… Read More
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Robert Pankratz

Phone: 415-421-8900 ext. 681
Rob Pankratz is the firm’s Senior Analyst and Director of Operations. He runs numbers, performs industry research, analyzes financials, and supports the advisors in their day to day tasks. He has been a part of the Public Finance team at Wulff, Han… Read More
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Additional Staff Resources

We have developed and carefully maintain a network of highly specialized consultants in various technical areas with whom we can work in the context, and with the benefit, of a long-term working relationship. These people are experienced subject matter experts and we bring them into a project when a particular skillset is required and our client asks for a recommendation.

For example, a rate study may be needed for a potential water revenue-backed financing. A complex multi-faceted energy project may benefit from a third-party review of a contractor’s proposed implementation plans or timeline. Or it may be beneficial to get a neutral look at various options for add-ons to streetlights being converted to LEDs. Actuarial expertise familiar with the CalPERS system may be helpful in some situations when considering the issuance of a Pension Obligation Bond. The list of such specialized technical needs is long, and we generally know exactly where to find the needed skills.