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Public Finance Group: Biographies

Mark Pressman first joined Wulff, Hansen & Co. more than thirty years ago. In 1988 he formed his own firm, Mark Pressman Associates, and after 12 years rejoined Wulff, Hansen in 2000. He has over thirty-three years of experience in the investment banking and financial advisory business. With this experience comes a wide range of professional contacts in the industry that he utilizes as resources in developing new, innovative and efficient bond structuring techniques for issuer clients faced with challenging financing needs.

He is familiar with and has structured transactions using ad valorum, tax increment, revenue, lease revenue, special and parcel tax and special assessment revenue sources to repay loans with general obligation, tax allocation, revenue, certificates of participation, community facilities district, special assessment, Marks-Roos and various combinations of the foregoing structures. He has a proven, demonstrable record of developing efficient financings for public agencies.

Experience includes working with school districts, cities, counties, redevelopment agencies, authorities, hospital, water, sanitary and fire districts and other special districts.

Mr. Pressman has lectured at both UCLA and USC on public finance and has spoken on various areas of public finance at industry seminars. He is registered with FINRA as a general securities representative, a general securities principal, a municipal securities principal, and a financial and operations principal. He has served as a member of the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission panel that develops policy and recommended practices for issuance of land secured financing in the state. He is a member of numerous professional organizations affiliated with the municipal securities industry. He received a B.S. in Economics in 1969 from the University of Oregon. References are available on request.

Mr. Levine has more than 35 years experience as an investment professional, with extensive experience in institutional sales, investment banking and financial consulting.

Mr. Levine has focused much of his career working with issuers and developers in the structuring and placement of California land-secured bonds. He is also proficient in managing transactions utilizing ad valorem taxes, lease revenue, parcel taxes, enterprise revenue, lease revenue, and special tax revenue. He has particular expertise in tax allocation and tax increment financing, both in initial issuance and in restructuring and refunding existing outstanding obligations.

Mr. Levine’s combination of knowledge, experience, and creativity has allowed him to build a solid track record in structuring solutions for complex or problematic situations which other firms have been unable to resolve. Specific examples include the conversion of multiple Marks-Roos debt obligations into more efficient and understandable structures, workouts for issuers approaching covenant violation or other financial stress, and the restoration of financial stability to troubled health care institutions using a variety of tools, up to and including the bankruptcy process.

Mr. Levine has also provided structuring and advisory services to both private water companies and municipal issuers. In that context he has been involved in the creation and private placement of various private and public water company revenue debt obligations as well as various asset backed securities.

Mr. Levine holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California (Berkeley) and attended Boalt Hall School of Law and the Graduate School of Business both at the University of California.

Roy Nelson, formerly of Altura, Nelson & Co., has been responsible for over $3 billion in municipal financings during his 26 year career. He has extensive experience in the structuring and sale of certificates of participation, assessment, and revenue bonds as well as various types of short-term notes. His clients have included the State of California, cities, counties, universities, 501(c)(3) nonprofit health facilities, school districts, fire districts, port districts and other special districts.

Mr. Nelson is recognized as a leader in the financing of health care related projects. He was instrumental in developing an innovative and unique financing program for smaller nonprofit health facilities. His pooled financing program has allowed smaller projects to be accomplished through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds. By pooling several small projects, a significant reduction in costs is realized for such borrowers when compared with stand-alone financings.

Mr. Nelson serves on an industry advisory group for the Cal-Mortgage Loan Guarantee Program of the State of California. He received a Masters of Public Administration degree from the University of Southern California with a specialization in municipal finance. He has a B.A. in Political Science from Pepperdine University.