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About Us
Wulff, Hansen & Co. is a full service investment banking and securities firm, one of the oldest in California. Serving a broad spectrum of investors and bond issuers, we employ approximately 23 professionals, divided between our San Francisco headquarters and our branch office in Lodi, California. Our account executives and trading staff offer investment products and services designed to meet the needs of individual and institutional investors while our Public Finance Group provides underwriting and financial advisory services to public entities, private developers, and non-profit organizations. We are also a registered investment advisor offering fee-based portfolio management through our Wulff Capital Management division.

Our Public Finance Group is very active in the California municipal bond market, helping cities, counties, and a wide variety of public agencies with their financing needs. Many of our new issues come from smaller communities which, while not household names like San Francisco or Los Angeles, issue bonds which can offer excellent value to investors. Our Municipal Trading Department is very active in the secondary market, evaluating and bidding on hundreds of seasoned California bonds every day. These securities, issued at some time in the past and now being resold by a prior bondholder, provide attractive yields to our investor clientele. If you are interested in tax-free income from bonds issued by local California communities, Wulff, Hansen may be your best choice. We are one of just a handful of firms with extensive expertise in this particular area.

Wulff, Hansen & Co. was founded in 1931 by an economist (Franklin Wulff) and a mathematician (William Hansen) who worked as securities analysts for what was then San Francisco's dominant financial institution, the Bank of America.

When they founded Wulff, Hansen & Co., America's markets were mired in gloom, doom, and depression. These two men believed that the collapse in stock prices, which began with the Crash of 1929, had gone too far. They believed in America and in California and were convinced that the fundamental strengths of this country would eventually bring an industrial recovery and create tremendous opportunities for investors. Their vision was correct, and many of the families who came to us in decades past have remained our clients through two and three generations. By continuing this tradition of providing in-depth advice and an uncommon level of personalized service, the firm has prospered for three-quarters of a century.

Today, the company remains employee-owned and our staff steadfastly pursues the vision and optimism on which the firm was founded while strictly adhering to the old-fashioned values which have served both our clients and ourselves for all these years.