Municipal Advisor Disclosures

MSRB Rule G-42(b)(ii) requires that municipal advisors and municipal advisor representatives make available information on any legal or disciplinary event that is material to a public entity's evaluation of the advisor and its advisory personnel.

Required disclosures include specific information about any criminal actions, regulatory actions, investigations, terminations, judgments, liens, civil judicial actions, customer complaints, arbitrations and civil litigation. Municipal Advisor and members of its advisory staff have been subject to various such legal or disciplinary events. Municipal Advisor reasonably believes that it as an entity has no such events that may be material to Client’s evaluation of Municipal Advisor as such.

However, during its nearly 90 years as a broker/dealer, Municipal Advisor has accumulated a number of such events related explicitly to its broker/dealer business as such and Client may wish to review these. Some members of Municipal Advisor’s municipal advisory staff who have also been registered representatives of one or more broker/dealers have broker/dealer related disclosures which could potentially be relevant to Client’s evaluation. Specific instances of such events can be found in Item 9 of our Form MA and, for staff members, Item 6 of each Municipal Advisor Representative's Form MA-I. Additional information, which may not be related to municipal advisory work, can be found for the firm and its staff via FINRA's Brokercheck site. All relevant disclosures are accessible via the links below.

The Firm and its' Municipal Advisor Representatives

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