Email Disclosures

The information contained in email messages from Wulff, Hansen may be privileged, confidential, proprietary, or otherwise protected from disclosure. If you have accessed this page after receiving a communication in error, please notify us immediately by replying to the message and please delete the message from your computer.

Protect your privacy

For your protection, please do not include account numbers, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, or other non-public information in your email. Email is not a secure communication channel. For more information regarding how we protect client information, please see our Privacy Policy elsewhere on this site.

We do not accept orders via email

Please do not transmit orders or instructions regarding your account by email. For your protection, we do not accept and act on such instructions. Similarly, we do not accept trading instructions via voice mail, text messages, instant messaging, or other electronic means. Please speak directly with your Account Executive if you need to give instructions related to your account.

Please refer to your official records

The information provided in email or its attachments is not an official trade confirmation, statement, or other record of your account. If you are a Wulff, Hansen client, your official account statements are mailed to you, or made available to you electronically if you have chosen that option.

Email messages to us are not private

In compliance with regulatory regulatory requirements, messages sent to and from us may be monitored and reviewed by persons other than the intended recipient.

Messages from us may contain opinions and information that are not guaranteed

The information contained in our emails is derived from sources believed accurate but is not guaranteed. Investing in securities carries risk of loss. Prices, yields and availability will change with market movement. Your yield may differ if bonds are sold before maturity. Credit ratings may change without notice. Asset backed securities have average lives that will change over time with changes in interest rates. Wulff, Hansen and/or its employees may own or make a market in any securities referred to in an email from us.